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CSR Bradford Acoustigard Partition Batts and Rolls / acoustigard-partition-batts-and-rolls

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Acoustigard Partition Batts and Rolls

TOP 3 Benefits: Post-Consumer Recycled Content Thermal and Acoustic Properties Low VOC

Bradford Acoustigard Partition Batts and Rolls are a range of products made from over 50% recycled plate glass, spun into rolls to use in partitions and walls. This product can aid in reducing energy use in heating and cooling the homes or office buildings. Acoustigard Partition Batts and Rolls are manufactured in Australia and are available in a range of different thicknesses, lengths and R-Values to meet the consumers needs. This product also has acoustic and fire resistance properties and comply with relevant Australian and New Zealand standards for insulation. This is also a very low VOC product that can be installed by the customer, or by a Bradford professional.
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